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From Creepcast

Evan Rachel Wood shares the perspective of a sexual assault survivor that has chosen not to identify her attacker. 

From Creepcast

Bombard's Body Language dissects different clips of Harvey Weinstein.


From Episode 24

Keegan-Michael Key on creating characters and placing them in the optimal setting for sketch comedy. 

From Episode 23

Noam Chomsky in 1990 giving his opinions on the structure of American educational institutions and their "indoctrination of the young"

From Episode 23

Buzzfeed on Education in America and the importance of GPA's


from Episode 21

Brandon Stanton's talk, "Tell a Different Story" from the Wisdom 2.0 Summit 


From Episode 20

Maryam Mirzakhani discusses moving to America, choosing to become a Mathematician, and what her work with hyperbolic surfaces entails



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